Generally, Native mobile apps have been developed in distinct languages that call platform-specific APIs. For Example:- Objective-C and Swift language for iOS app development; Java and Kotlin language for Android app development.Due to this,if developers need to make their apps on different platforms will have to implement those applications in multiple languages.

The finest thing was happened for the developers when there was an invention of React Native(RN). React Native was invented in 2013 at an internal Facebook hackathon.React native may be modern or advanced, but it has a lot of hits.React Native uses ReactJS, which is a JS library created and later open sourced by Facebook.

Due to this new invention developers struggle is over to make their apps on multiple platforms with different languages.Because, React Native allows developers to maintain a single code base for targeting multiple mobile platforms and via this development work is noticeably reduced.And,even the developers can also reused the code across all platforms.

Our own company, Nara Coding Labs is using React Native to make apps for multiple platforms.One of the App named, Palta Insurance Group is also on React native platform.React Native turns any web developer into a potential mobile developer, and delivers a strong improvement on the existing mobile development process.

There are lots of advantages of React Native:-
# Instantaneous to make changes :- RN makes the development process more quick and responsive to the changing requirements.

# Great app performance :- The performance is a nonstop point of burden in mobile development.There is absolutely some difference in speed between Native and Hybrid apps. But the performance of the RN apps is essentially as good as of the native ones.

# Time-saving :- With RN, developers don’t have to waste their time for drawing interfaces for multiple screen dimensions. Development and all continuous changes are instant than with native mobile languages.

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