nara coding labs game development

The hardest part of making a game has always been the engineering. In times past, game engineering was mainly about low-level optimization—writing code that would run quickly on the target computer, leveraging clever little tricks whenever possible.

But in the past ten years, games have ballooned in complexity. Now the primary technical challenge is simply getting the code to work to produce an end result that bears some semblance to the desired functionality. To the extent that we optimize, we are usually concerned with high-level algorithmic choices. There’s such a wide variety of algorithms to know about, so much experience required to implement them in a useful way, and so much work overall that just needs to be done, that we have a perpetual shortage of qualified people in the industry.

Variety of Games

Cross-platform Game Development

With our years of experience in game development, we have chosen the industry best cross-platform game engines i.e. Unity and cocos2d. We have built games which work on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, PC, Web and Facebook.

2D & 3D Games

We also work on 2D and 3D games with many reaching #1 or top 10 on various App Stores. Both Unity and cocos2d are used to develop 2D games whereas we use Unity for developing 3D games.

Games for every genre

In our years of mobile game development, we are developing games for every genre including Sports games, Trivia games, Card games, Board games, Casual games, Arcade games etc. With millions of downloads of these games, our clients have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.